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Frequently Asked Questions 

The Keyper works best with 2-3 cards in the cardholder


The added pressure of cards helps keep the key snug

How many cards does Keyper hold? 

Keyper can hold up to 4 cards safely. Keyper was designed to hold a student's ID card, drivers license, and debit/credit card in a safe, convenient, and accessible pocket. Many students also use the Keyper to hold a gym membership card.

How long will my Keyper last? 

Keyper will last around 6 months or one semester. 

Does Keyper fit all keys?

Keyper was carefully designed to fit the 5 most common keys. Made of silicone, Keyper has an elastic grip to secure keys of all shapes and sizes. 

Can I request Keypers in a new collegiate logo? 

Yes! Please let us know which logo you'd like and we will try and make that available. 

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