Frequently Asked Questions 


How many cards does the Keyper hold? 

The Keyper holds up to 4 cards safely. The Keyper was designed to grip a student's ID card, Drivers License, and Debit / Credit Card in a safe, convenient, and accessible pocket. Many students also use the Keyper to hold a gym membership card.

How long does the Keyper last? 



The Keyper will last around 6 months or one semester. 

Does the Keyper fit all keys?

Yes, the Keyper is designed to fit all keys. The Keyper is made of silicone which is tight but flexible and every single key (large and small) that we have put into the Keyper fits. Please see the video of the Keyper holding all types of Keys.



Why do you sell Keypers in sets of 2 or three? 

Because shipping costs too much to send each unit alone and because people often live with roommates so why not share the Keyper with a roommate or save one for next semester. 



Can I request Keypers in a new collegiate logo? 

Yes! Please let us know which logo you'd like and we will try and make that available.