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The #1 Back-To-School Essential Item

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

"Mom...Dad...I lost my dorm key" The dreaded words most parents fear hearing from their college student. Unfortunately, the answer is typically a $70+ charge on top of thousands of dollars already being paid for tuition. Not only is this additional charge burdensome, but it is anxiety-inducing if your son or daughter needs to get their textbook or laptop for an exam. Even worse, if your student does not have access to their dorm room at night. This is exactly why three students set out to make lost Keys a thing of the past. The Keyper - a phone wallet that holds both a student's ID card and a dorm key - is the must-have move-in accessory to make the transition into college as smooth as possible.

In the era of COVID-19, the list of items that students carry with them is only growing. On a daily basis, students might carry their phones, headphones, sunglasses, books, ID cards, a key, a water bottle, and now a mask. A lost key prohibits access to your dorm, and a lost ID card prohibits access to on-campus dining and facilities. The Keyper securely stores both items on the back of your phone to prevent students from misplacing their keys and cards. The Keyper gives students convenience and security while giving parents peace of mind.

Nothing compares to the stress of trying to start a new life in an unknown college setting. On top of the anxiety of living on your own for the first time, students must deal with the pressures of keeping their dorm key and ID card safe and accessible. It might seem like an easy task, but to a new college student, it can be extremely overwhelming. As three college students who experienced the struggles of carrying a dorm key, we understand the unnecessary stress associated with this task. Therefore, we created The Keyper to ease these pressures for all students.

Say goodbye to the panic of lost keys and say hello to The Keyper!


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