College students need to access three things at all times: their phone, their ID card, and their dorm key. The Keyper combines and secures all these essentials.

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 Create your own custom Keyper. Any color. Any logo. Any time.

Retail Partnerships

We're always looking for partners to support our mission to make the lost dorm key a thing of the past. 


Our Story

In August 2018, Penn State student Ezra Gershanok and Michigan student Jacob Halbert teamed up to solve a problem afflicting students at universities across the United States: losing their dorm keys. 


At Penn State alone, approximately 2,000 of 13,700 students lose their room keys each year according to University Park Housing. That means 15% of all students lose their keys and have to pay $60 to replace them! In fact, across the country, students spend almost $17 million on lost keys.


To carry their keys, students currently use a clunky lanyard, a bulky wallet, or an uncomfortable hair tie. The Keyper eliminates these burdens. By reducing key loss, it also saves students the unnecessary hassle and cost of key replacement.

Update: The Keyper is now patent-pending! If interested in ordering customized Keypers for your organization, or if you are a store owner considering putting Keyper in your store, please do not hesitate to contact us.


I used to always lose my key, so I would have to keep it on my wrist. It would end up scratching me, but now it’s always on my phone, which is WAY more convenient!


I bought the Keyper for my freshman daughter, who has already lost her key twice. I even ended up buying another one for myself so I don't always have to carry my wallet .


Because of the convnience provided by my Keyper, I can minimize the amount of accessories I have to carry with me throughout the day at school. It's also great for going for a run.


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